Rotation Moulding

Hydro Dynamic is capable of producing large quantities of quality products with our state of the art Rotation molding machine and our mold making capabilities. Utilizing high quality LLDPE raw material our materials are manufactured for the harsh conditions of the Gulf region.

Pipe Extrusion

HDPE has capability to produce HDPE pipes from 20mm to 400mm with a variety of pressure ratings. We produce the HDPE pipes as per ISO 4427, DIN 8074, ISO 8779, ISO 8770 and any other related HDPE pipe standard.

Plastic Fabrication

Hydro Dynamic has years of experience manufacturing fabricated items from HDPE material for complex and critical projects such as segmented bends, customized fittings, branch welding etc. With state of the art fabrication equipment and an experienced fabrication, we are able to give the customer the highest quality product.

Steel Fabrication

HDPE has a complete machine workshop, which has the ability to fabricate custom steel products as per the client’s requirements

Laboratory Internal Testing

With the HDPE facility, we have our very own laboratory and Quality department in which we conduct internal tests to our products to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.